I love what I do! Each day I have the opportunity to teach people about the benefits of essential oils and how to simply incorporate them into their lifestyles for physical, emotional and mental wellness. I partnered with doTERRA over 7 years ago when I knew little to nothing about essential oils. My leadership (up-line) team helped to educate me and answer my questions and shared tips and techniques so that I could easily incorporate these oils and plant-based products into my own home. I now mentor an international team (yes, doTERRA is an international company) of Wellness Advocates who help people meet their health and wellness goals with our safe, natural, plant-based essential oils and products. 

Here’s what I offer my partners:

  1. Mentoring: I work one-on-one with you to help you reach your health and wealth goals
  2. Training: With my extensive background in training and development and corporate consulting I have created a simple, easy to duplicate, two-part system to help you educate your prospective customers and easily teach them about our full catalog of essential oils, products, and supplements.  
  3. Support: Our team is supportive, collaborative and nurturing. We offer several monthly zoom calls to help you along your journey of helping others, getting your products paid for, and earning residual income. 
  4. Key Positions Available: My team is growing throughout the US and Internationally and I am actively interviewing to fill key spots. 

Let’s schedule a zoom so that you can have your specific questions about this business opportunity answered. It’s an open, honest conversation about ‘what I do all day,’ and how you can get started whenever you’re ready. I’d love to get to know you a bit better, too.